The Goal is Organized Chaos

I used to think that I lived an active and busy life. The holiday season in particular–with all of the gatherings to work into the schedule, presents to buy, Christmas cards to prepare and mail, and food to make–has always been chaotic. A sugar-filled, cloves and nutmeg-smelling, enjoyable kind of chaos, but chaos nonetheless.

Then, I had a kid. I now know what it means to be busy. Just trying to keep the child fed and wearing clean clothes is a challenge. I’ve pretty much given up on keeping his face free of boogers and drool, because (1) he hates me messing with his face and (2) there is a never-ending supply of both saliva and snot, so keeping his face clean is a losing battle if ever there was one.

Some days I feel like I’m handling this new kind of chaos pretty well–balancing work, family, and self with finesse. Sure, the hours of leisure reading and/or hobby time are a thing of the past. And ok, I can tell you minute by minute what my activities during the evening will look like, as we prepare the little man for bed (feeding, bathing, playtime, singing, night night) and prepare all of his accessories (bottles, sippy cups, spoons, bowls) for another day at daycare. It’s hectic, but I can handle it. It’s chaotic, but it’s an organized chaos. Nothing that’s too much for mama.

The addition of holiday planning has, of course, removed the “organized” from my chaos. It’s been stressful. Whereas before I had *just* enough time to fit everything in my day, now I feel like I’m constantly leaving things half done. Work, all things surrounding LilRunr, and running are being addressed. Everything else–from housecleaning to cooking (HEALTHY things!) to blogging to returning phone calls to getting a family photo taken so we can send out Christmas cards this year–has fallen by the wayside.

Twelve more days until LilRunr’s first Christmas.

Twelve more days until the organized returns to my chaos.

Twelve more days until I can feel like I have it together once more.

Until then, here are some bullets to update you on my last month of running and whatnot:

  • LilRunr is 9 months and 1 week old. This past month has had more developments than any other. Every day, my “baby” is disappearing and a toddler is taking his place.  LilRunr can crawl now, although he mostly sees this mode of transportation as a temporary necessity. He REALLY wants to walk, and mostly just uses crawling as a means to travel from one place to stand up and “cruise” beside (couch, chair, wall…) to another. Obviously, he can pull himself up to stand. This has been a nerve-racking experience. Thankfully, he can now pull himself up without tipping forward or smacking his head on anything. Once he starts trying to walk solo, the anxious hovering will resume. He waves, he claps, he says MAMA and seems to refer to me…there’s a lot going on in the life of LilRunr. I think that Christmas is going to be a blast. Child has already unwrapped a present from under the Christmas tree, so I don’t think he’s going to have any trouble grasping the concept of opening gifts.

    Please, Mama? Can I open a present? Just this one? Grandma WANTS me to have it!

  • Running is actually going really well. My cruising pace is about 8:30 these days, and I even did an indoor track workout last week. I have a 9-mile run this weekend, and my half marathon is only a little over a month away. Exciting!
  • Speaking of the indoor track…Husband and I have joined a gym. Again. I think this will help insure that I stay consistent with my training all winter. Don’t get me wrong, I like running in the cold as much as the next person (ok, ok…MORE than the next person), but there are just times where it’s nice to be able to run in a temperature-controlled, moderate environment. This gym also has spin classes, yoga classes (YEAH, RIGHT! Like I’ll be attempting THAT in public!), and a pool, so there are plenty of cross training opportunities available as well.
  • I am officially back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I dipped below 120 a few weeks ago, and my last meeting with the scale officially put me back in the 117’s. That’s what I weighed before the marathon. So…whoo-hoo! According to this crazy diet my friend is trying, that still puts me just outside of a “healthy weight” for my height. Scoff. I’m feeling pretty healthy, crazy diet! But thank you for asking.

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