This is How Dedicated I am to Running

A conversation:
Scott – So, when are you going to run tomorrow? (Sidenote: Attempting to train post-baby requires advance planning and a sophisticated schedule. Who runs before work and who runs after? Who is involved with daycare transport, and when?)

Me – Ummm…I think I’m taking tomorrow off. I ran Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday and did spin on Monday. I’m tired.

Scott – Ok.

A later conversation:
Scott – I just went downstairs. There is cat poop EVERYWHERE.

Me – Argh. I was going to change the boxes this morning when I got back from the gym, but I forgot. I don’t really want to do it now, because then I’d have to take another shower. (Sidenote: The dust goes everywhere. I think it gets trapped in my hair. That’s why it’s wise to shower afterwards.) I can do it tomorrow.

Scott – (Watching TV and letting me ramble…)

Me – You know what? If I’m going to mess with kitty litter tomorrow, I might as well run in the morning.

Scott – You’re really going to arrange your running schedule around cleaning the litter box?

Me – Sure.

Scott – This is the stuff that blog posts are made of.

An update:
I did clean the catbox. I did not run, because I am tired and I’ll be running 10 on Saturday and I think 4 days “on” warrants a day “off.” I’m not sure whether this makes me less dedicated to running or more of a rational human being. I’m fairly certain normal people don’t schedule workouts around periodical feline waste removal.


One response

  1. You’re probably right, we don’t! But I bet that after only one child, you don’t schedule yours around how much fluid intake you’ve had and if you have to wear a light liner or heavy liner, depending on the inadvertent urine flow either. Eeek!

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