Top 5 Baby-Related Money Wasters

When you’re about to have a baby for the first time, you may initially think: “A baby? What would they need? Keep ’em diapered and fed and they’ll be good, right?” Then, you realize just how mistaken you are. The helpful 18-page list of “baby essentials” stores provide when you create a baby registry is partially responsible for this. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING. 18 pages of things that this tiny, helpless person will “need” the moment they come home with you.

Being first-time parents, we went a bit nuts. I admit it. Nearly 10 months later, I’m wiser in the ways of babies and thought I’d share a list of some things that are currently languishing, forgotten, in various corners and closets throughout the house.

Money Waster #1: Rocking Chair
We dutifully supplied the nursery with one, but my boy never took to it. As a tiny one, he much preferred being held and walked around the house. Now that he’s bigger, he’s not much for being held and “cuddled” — he’d much rather be crawling around and exploring the house. The rocking chair lives in my office now. This gives LilRunr more crawling space in his room. Not even the cat will sit in the rocking chair. I’m sure there are babies who are soothed by the rocking motion, my boy just isn’t one of them. Ah, well. There’s no way to know until the little one gets here and starts making their preferences known.

Money Waster #2: Newborn Clothes
I think LilRunr fit into “newborn” sized clothes for one week, two at the very most. I wish now that I wouldn’t have cut the tags off of and washed all of the clothing I received as gifts. I could have exchanged some of them for the next size up, and they would have gotten much more wear. All LilRunr would have needed for his week as a “newborn” sized baby is a couple of onesies, a couple of pairs of footie pajamas, and a sleep swaddler.

Money Waster #3: Baby Bath Towels
I know, I know…they’re so cute with their little hoods and it’s impossible to imagine your teeny, tiny little one needing anything larger, but resist the temptation to stock up on oodles of “baby towels.” After using two towels per bath for several weeks, I finally got smart and moved up to normal-sized bath towels. The tiny little baby ones were actually very thin, didn’t soak up much water, and aren’t as soft as our towels. If you MUST get something with a hood, I recommend something like this, which a co-worker bought and had personalized for us. At the time, I thought, “Wow, he’s not going to use this until he’s 4!” but I was wrong. It’s perfect, and the little puppy dog ears on the hood are cute as cute can be.

So cute. So NOT tiny. So perfect.

Money Waster #4: Toys
Ok, not really. Little man loves his toys, and having a wide variety means that we can switch things up when he starts getting bored. The things that he’s the MOST fascinated with, however, are non-toy in nature. Things like: the cat, Daddy’s water bottle, the other cat, clean laundry that he can “help” Mommy put away, socks, boxes, shoes, the foam roller, crumpled up paper…you get the idea.

Money Waster #5: Extra Inserts for the Car Seat
We put a “baby positioner” thing on our registry. You know, to help keep the little man nice and snug in his car seat. It NEVER got used. The car seat we eventually got came with one and it ended up getting taken out after two weeks. (Incidentally, if anyone would like a free, never-been-used car seat insert thinger, just let me know. It’s yours.)

Are you getting the theme here? The baby turned out not to be as small as I expected, and then he grew……..FAST. He’s still growing, and we still love him lots…no matter how much money we spend/waste on keeping him healthy and happy. It’s OK with me that the dinosaur walker his grandma bought him for Christmas sits neglected while he tests his walking skills by holding onto the chair. Whatever keeps the boy smiling. 🙂

LOVE him.


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