My friend D wrote an honest and insightful post about why she’s NOT doing resolutions this year. And while my resolutions also tend to be the same impossible, soon abandoned goals year after year, I’m going to go through the motions anyway. Because it’s tradition…and I’m a follower…and because I’ve had this post planned since Scott and I came up with the GREAT RUNNING IDEA OF 2012.

First, the personal stuff, from easy to impossible:

RESOLUTION #1: Blog about Christmas.
It’s the baby’s first one, for crying out loud. Since his scrapbook has YET to be started, I’ve got to record the highlights and milestones of his first year somewhere. It’s the only way I’ll remember things like the very first time he said “dada” (on Christmas Eve! Adorable!) or his longest unassisted standing session to date (23 seconds, on December 22) or when he started playing catch (Ok, so there’s no “catching” involved, but he will throw the ball and pick it up to throw it again if you roll it back to him…December 26).

RESOLUTION #2: Go back to church.
We’ve still haven’t found a “home church” since moving back to Kansas. We went to a few different services while I was pregnant, but they tended to end with me trying desperately not to throw up or pass out. That’s not a commentary on the services themselves, there was just something about so many people in one place or maybe the frequent standing that kicked my morning sickness into overdrive. After LilRunr was born, we let ourselves get pulled into the new parent trap of avoiding situations that might be “difficult” with the baby…basically, suspending much of our social lives and staying close to home. This needs to stop. LilRunr is 10 months old and by nature an easy-going and flexible fella. There’s no reason for us to live a life of seclusion because of him.

RESOLUTION #3: Eat better.
By “better,” I mean “more vegetables, less salt” and “more fruit, less processed sugar.” I say this every year, and really it’s hit-and-miss. I have a little extra motivation this year because LilRunr is ready to start transitioning to “table” food. I’ve known this for weeks (as he stares longingly at everything I try to eat and fusses at being fed from a spoon when he’d really rather be feeding himself) but have been reluctant to give him food from my plate…namely, because I don’t want him EATING THE FOOD THAT I EAT. Wow. That’s revealing. Why would I expose any of us to this unhealthy junk? If we had some nice roasted squash instead of, say, potato chips, LilRunr could make a glorious mess and happily practice his self-feeding skills.

RESOLUTION #4: Be a girl.
This one makes the list every year, and every year it’s the first to be ignored. My personal fashion has been suspended in 2001…when a young MegaRunr was a collegiate athlete with no time and less money. Running twice a day meant that I spent most of my life in running clothes and with my hair in a ponytail. I’d LIKE to be a mature, stylish WOMAN with any sort of clue about hair and makeup…but even as I near a new decade (It begins with a THREE) I’m trapped as a runner girl. Working from home definitely doesn’t help matters. In this new year, I’d like to cast aside the sweatpants and hair ties and at least, say, wear jeans and a non t-shirt shirt every day.

And now…may I present to you the GREAT RUNNING IDEA OF 2012. Longtime readers know that Scott and I occasionally come up with “crazy” ideas…there was the GTC Running Series that got me back to running, the multiple marathon training sessions, the 2-mile “duel” with my Running Buddy. In 2012, we have what I’m calling the 12×12 Plan.

The idea is simple — run at least one race very month of this new year. The schedule isn’t official yet, but I’ve got a list of possibles. Races that are more than “possible” are bold.

January – Topeka to Auburn Half Marathon

February – Love 2 Run 5k

March –  My Shamrox 15k

April – Trolley Run 4-miler

May – Mother’s Day 5k

June – Hospital Hill 10k

July – Eudora Horse Thief 5k

August – PSU Alumni Run 4k

September – Ultramax/Cerner 15k

October – Kansas City (Half) Marathon

November – Cliffhanger Run 5k

December – MARA Chili Run 6.5-miler

As you can tell, I’m not going for a “big one” this year. I don’t have the time to devote to a full marathon and frankly I’m more than a little scared of the beast. No, my goal is to have fun running a variety of distances, maybe set a PR and PCPR in the half marathon and 10k, and possibly get an age group award in the MARA Grand Prix, as several of my races line up with those chosen for their series. And I hope to accomplish ALL of this without once getting heat stroke or throwing up.

RUNNING RESOLUTION #2: Keep a training log.
Since I am going to be (theoretically) running more this year, I’d like to do a better job about tracking my miles. I’m planning to publish a weekly training recap here…not because anyone is likely to care, just to help me with motivation and accountability.

There you have it, friends. My longest post in quite some time, and it’s filled with goals for the new year. I hope to grow as a person and keep busy in 2012!


4 responses

  1. I like to think that my personal fashion sense has improved slightly since college. Rather than sweatpants, I wear “yoga’ pants, which I like to think are a little more flattering/dressy, but just as comfortable 🙂 Besides, if you are allowing LilRunr to feed himself more often, you might not want to wear “nice” clothes. You’d be surprised how far food can fly.

  2. As always, you make some very good points, Kate. I went to pick up LilRunr from daycare this week wearing my “grown up clothes” (that’d be “nice” jeans, a blouse, and a cardigan) and he recognized me but spent the 20 minutes after arriving home examining my wardrobe. Necklace? Really, mommy? And this shirt has buttons on it. And when your hair is down like this, I can pull on it! Ok, ok kid, I get it, you rarely see me in anything but running clothes. Sheesh! 😉

  3. So….you get to work from home? I’m piecing this all together…and I think I’m jealous. Resolutions ignored, is this really true??? 😦

    It hadn’t been until I hit my very late 20s and now 30s that I’ve started doing the grown up make up and hair thing. I was always lazy, even working in an office, with a very simple hair style and generally no make up. BUT…3 babies later, hormones that bypassed me during high school and college found my face and require some touch up. At least I think so, and that’s all that matters. So I’ve found a way! You can too.

    I need to mix in fruits and veggies more myself. Maybe I’ll try.

  4. Jessica – Yes, the rumors are true. I’ve had the opportunity to work from home since we moved back to Kansas. As Scott reminds me daily, I’m incredibly lucky and spoiled. And it’s true. Working from home is fun, although I do worry about whether it’s eroding my social skills. Meh. It’s worth it…I think? 😉

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