Training Log: Week 1

December 26 – January 1

Monday – REST

Tuesday – 2 miles (8:57/mile)

Wednesday – 4 miles (8:05/mile) …WHOA! 8:05? That’s seriously right on the border of an acceptable college “slow” pace. Coach wouldn’t call it jogging! Heck yeah!

Thursday – 4 miles (8:44/mile) …This is the day that I dropped the car off for an oil change and then ran home. It was fun, but the day was windier and the course hillier than I figured on. Also, I might have been a tad tired from the surprisingly fast 4-miler from Wednesday.

Friday – 3 miles (8:03/mile) …so, is the 8:00/average thing going to be a trend? I’m speechless.

Saturday – 6 miles (8:21/mile)

Sunday – REST

TOTAL – 19 miles


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