Training Log: Week 2

January 2 – 8

Monday – 2.27 (8:16/mile) …The thing that I love about GPS is that it is EXACT. The thing I love about running for myself is that I can stop whenever I darn well please. “Oh, look! There’s my house! And…….I’m done. 🙂

Tuesday – 0

Wednesday – 3.12 miles (7:49/mile) …Actually ran a speed workout today. I opted for the “ipod shuffle fartlek”, which is where I get to change gears with each song. I really like the randomness of it — is that 70’s classic rock song with a 6:00 guitar solo followed by a 3:00 drum solo going to fall during the “fast” or “slow” section? Oooooh, boy! Excitement!

Thursday – 0

Friday – 4 miles (8:30/mile) …So, this is looking like the week where I run every other day. Ah, well.

Saturday – 11.25 miles (9:06/mile) …None of my girls were able to run on Saturday, so I joined up with some folks from the Runner’s Edge again. Yes, I am becoming that random stranger who joins people for runs. What? I think their normal training pace was a bit slower than mine, so I inadvertently helped push them and they helped me not go out too fast. Win-win.

Sunday – 2.35 miles (9:32/mile) …This was going to be 4, but I got a mile away from my house and started having some…issues…that were going to require a readily available bathroom. Unfortunately, my corner of suburbia is completely lacking public restrooms, port-a-potties, or even the old runner’s standby — the unpopulated wooded area. Given the lack of options, I turned around, walked for a bit, and then jogged it back home. Nice way to end the week, Megan. Eesh.

TOTAL – 23 miles (OK, it’s 22.99, but really…let’s not get all fanatic about one teensy hundredth. I’m sure I walked or jogged it somewhere.)


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