2012 U.S. Marathon Trials

Scott and I watched the replay of the men’s and women’s marathon trials in Houston on Saturday. Those athletes amaze me. From 1 to 85, they simply amaze me. I know a little about the trials and tolls of running competitively, and I know that I don’t have the dedication or talent to do what they do. Maybe I had a chance once (probably not, but this is my brain and I can fantasize if I want), if I would have stuck with the mileage and the intensity of college training. That chance, however fleeting, is gone now…so I make do by living vicariously through those I know who are still living the dream. 🙂

There’s Joe Moore, who was one of my brother’s main rivals in high school and Paul Hefferon. What I had totally spaced on (I blame the baby, that all-consuming little creature is sucking away brain cells) was that on the lady’s side of the event was another Kansas runner — Amy Hastings.

Of all the things to space on…sheesh, Megan. You are a GIRL runner. Pay attention! I woke up to find out that Amy finished FOURTH overall. And while fourth is less than ideal from the standpoint of being the first person not to qualify for London, it is absolutely amazing to the girl who used to think that she had a chance to finish in front of Amy (Results where I was only 5 seconds behind her…). Chica was nearly TWO HOURS faster than my marathon time. Simply incredible. Absolutely inspirational. I’m so proud of you, Amy! And Joe, I expect some kind of recap on your blog. It’s bound to be a great story!


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