Things Are Looking Up…I Mean Down…

When I got back from Charleston on Saturday, the extended forecast was predicting a race temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 55 degrees. In January. In KANSAS, for crying out loud. Of course it’s going to be unseasonably warm during the race I selected due to the high probability of delightfully freezing, inhospitable temperatures. It is me, after all. I’m not even sure why I’m still surprised by the way warm/hot weather follows me around.

Ok, so maybe I’m not surprised. I’M ANGRY. I’d been planning what I would wear on race day for weeks, and in the back of my mind was the dream of a day windy enough and cold enough to justify a “windbreaker” layer to my ensemble. It would be an opportunity to break out the Frank Shorter Running gear. It would be awesome.

I do, in fact, own a fantastic specimen of retro Shorter gear — fluorescent orange and reflective blue, this sweatsuit was left at the track by one of my dad’s runners many, many years ago. My mom says that she wore it a time or two, but I’m not sure how. The pants are EXTREMELY short and she’s several inches taller than me. It’s mine now, and I love it. For all I know it’s collectible, but I enjoy it too much not to wear it (most often just the jacket) occasionally.

Alas, 55 is about 40 degrees too warm for the Shorter windbreaker. Phooey on you, unpredictable weather pattern. And phooey on you, Megan who assumed that winter would be cold. I don’t know WHAT you were thinking. (eye roll)

So I was peeved, but this morning I looked at the revised forecast:

Never mind!

Never mind! Of course, that is getting into that awkward zone where I’m not really sure WHAT to wear. Is it cold enough for half tights? Warm enough for shorts? It’s IN BETWEEN! Argh!

I’m such a whiner.

In somewhat related Topeka to Auburn Half Marathon news, I’m planning to adjust my Runmeter settings on Saturday so that it will post every mile split to Twitter. Um…that sentence might not have made much sense. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I use an iPhone app called Runmeter to post my workouts. Ordinarily, it just posts twice — once when I start and once when I stop. For race days ONLY, I’ll change it so that it posts every mile split.

If you’re interested in the race day coverage, the race starts at 11:00am on Saturday. You can follow me on Twitter (@megarunr) or come by the blog (, where there’s a Twitter feed in the sidebar. My guess is that Twitter will update more frequently.


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