Topeka to Auburn Half Marathon: Pre-Race Musings

So, tomorrow I run a “race.” I am using quotation marks there because my primary goal is to finish without throwing up. There’s something about the longer stuff that just makes my body purge itself of recently consumed food, which is undesirable and not exactly fun.

With this goal in mind, my plan for the “race” is to run the first half at my normal long run pace…somewhere around 8:45-8:50. If I’m feeling great, I’m allowed make a surge somewhere around mile 9. If I’m not feeling great, I’ll do my best to maintain. Even at my “training pace,” I should be set for a PR. THAT is how bad my half marathon experiences have been in the past.

The “most accurate meteorologists in Kansas City” have revised their forecast AGAIN, and this one caught Scott’s attention. Apparently he’d missed their first revision (Sidenote: Guys, that “most accurate” thing is a dubious title. Sure, you  may eventually get it right the day before or the day of a weather event, but what we civilians find most valuable is the accuracy of your long-range predictions. You said 60 and now you’re saying 27…that’s not super accurate in my book!), so when the news came on last night and forecasted a low of THREE degrees on Saturday morning, it was quite a shock to my Mister. In his mind, the initial prediction of an unseasonably warm and pleasant day was still true. Instead, it’s “be prepared for an arctic blast” and a defensive “really, that’s normal for this time of year.”

I may get to wear my Shorter jacket after all. 🙂

Otherwise, I can’t say that I’m really nervous for this yet. I’m curious about the course because I’ve heard reports of hills. I’m a little concerned that Scott will find a mountain bike and try to ride the course with me, because he’s injured and should be resting his leg. All in all, though, I think I’m in pretty good shape for this one and all I hope to do is set the stage for a year full of fun “racing” experiences.

Here we go!


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