Topeka to Auburn: Pre-Race Worries

I know I said I wasn’t nervous about tomorrow…weeeeell…I’m getting there.

The “what ifs” are attacking me:

  • What if the hills are too much for me? I haven’t run many hills.
  • What if I throw up? You know, scratch that. I’ve gotten sick during a race many a time before. I can deal with it.
  • What if I get lost? It’s a point to point course and the field isn’t that big. There’s no telling where I’ll end up. Really.
  • What if LilRunr is sick? He was GRUMPY tonight and has a stuffy nose. The plan is to leave him at Grandma’s and Scott will come spectate, but I don’t want him out at all if he’s sick. Hmmmmm…
  • What if NONE of those things happen and I have a delightful time?

It’s possible…right?


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