Training Log: Week 6

Hey, guess what! Race #2 of my 12×12 plan happens THIS SATURDAY! I know, I almost forgot, too. I suddenly realized that my goal of racing every month means that (duh) a race will happen at least once every thirty days…which means that there’s not really any room for a random three-week break.

Week 6
January 30-February 5

Monday – 0

Tuesday – 2.27 miles (8:16/mile) …This is the day when it was almost 60 degrees outside and Scott came home from work to learn that I hadn’t found time to run. “Go,” he said. “Go run NOW.” A 60-degree, sunny, windless January day? Yup, gotta run.

Wednesday – 3.12 miles (7:49/mile) …oooooh, boy! We’re really zooming now! I felt GREAT today. Really, really, really great.

Thursday – 0

Friday – 0

Saturday – 5 miles (8:48/mile) …The legs were pretty dead today. Some random hamstring soreness, too. Oh, and I seem to have caught LilRunr’s cold. AND it was 40 degrees and raining. Suffice to say, this was the least enjoyable run of the week, but I was pleased to know that I can still run more than 3 miles.

Sunday – 3.23 miles (8:18/mile) …This is the day where I saw a college teammate running on the other side of the street with his dog, and yet when I waved at him and then called “ERIC!”, I received no response. Clearly, he has some kind of stunt double or clone that he employs to run with his hyperactive dog. That is the only explanation. Right, Eric? 😉

TOTAL: 13.62 miles


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