Love 2 Run 4-Miler: There Is No ‘I’ In Team

There is no “I” in team, but this weekend I am on a team! The race is the “Love 2 Run” 4-miler in Lawrence, and in honor of Valentine’s Day there’s an option to run as a team. I had originally planned on Scott running with me. There are separate divisions for “married” and “non-married” teams, and I figured that there would be fewer “married” teams, and hence I might just possibly get an age group award. At long last. Oh yeah, and it would be cute to run a race with my husband. Awwwwww…etc.

Unfortunately, Scott is literally out of the running, as a recent injury has him focusing on physical therapy and recovery. There’s nothing sadder than running a team race by yourself, though, so I turned to the next most likely contender: my bro.

The possibility of Matt running with me seemed even more remote, but lucky for me the fella can be talked into nearly anything. When we were kids, we vacationed in Colorado and camped by a picturesque (and very cold) stream. I found this great rock. It was gray with yellow speckles. Very pretty. Being a very caring older sister, I amused myself by tossing my rock into the rock-strewn stream bed and convinced my gullible younger brother to fish it out for me. For 10 minutes, I stayed nice and dry while Matt rummaged around in the stream, periodically bringing up a rock for my inspection. After countless, “nopes,” he actually did find the needle in that particular haystack. I took it, smiled at him, and tossed it back into the stream.

I always thought that was the day my little brother stopped blindly following in my footsteps, but I guess I was wrong.

Matty has agreed to run a 4-mile race with me on Saturday. Brother probably hasn’t run four miles in…well…I don’t even know when, but it’s been AWHILE. Like, at least since the birth of his nearly 4-month-old daughter. And, after weeks of mild weather, we’re finally getting a blast of arctic air. The overnight low is 12 degrees…the high tomorrow is 25.

Agreeing to run this race with me just might be the “mountain stream rock search” of brother’s adult life. Thanks for being a sucker, bro! It’s going to be fun. 🙂

NOTE: I will be posting my splits to Twitter again…this time, I think I’ve selected the correct items so that it doesn’t just say “26:42” every time. Race starts at 9:00am tomorrow.



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