Za Best

Scott is such a great daddy. I love watching my two boys interact, and one of my favorite things is listening to the silly songs Scott makes up for our son. They’re simple and usually repetitive, but they capture a moment in our boy’s rapid development. LilRunr LOVES them.

This isn’t going to translate to solely words well, but one of Scott’s songs goes, “he’s a baby he is the best…dad loves him.” It’s a common refrain around here, and often now one of us will just say “he’s the best” or, oddly, “za best.”

Sometimes, “za best” is said with a hint of sarcasm, such as when the young man is wailing in stubborn frustration after being pulled away from some surely dangerous item that he felt the desperate need to explore. Never mind that he has been given a supposedly fascinating, age-appropriate toy to play with. HIS VOICE MUST BE HEARD! (Sidenote: Why are babies bent on self-destruction? Place the boy in a room full of pillows, and he will gravitate towards the only hard surface capable of causing injury.)

In the midst of the noise and display of will, one of us will shrug and say, “za best.”

Because we have a mostly sweet-tempered, delightful son, more often “za best” is said with a tone of absolute adoration, such as when the boy gently, GENTLY pats the kitty and then turns to us for approval, a smile filled with satisfaction and pride lighting up his face.

So, if you haven’t figured it out, this is the post where I talk about the subject that fascinates me the most: my son. The very best boy there is.

  • LilRunr is almost ONE YEAR OLD. I know. I’m not going to wish him to stay a baby forever because I am LOVING each new phase he gets to. Right now, we’re in a “fully mobile and exploratory” phase, which while tiring is fascinating to watch. He has 100% mastered walking and is now into E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. He’s less interested in toys and instead is focused on shoes, doors, cabinets, curtains, trash cans, and anything else that can possibly move. He was *this close* to eating cat food the other day. He is determined to figure his world out, and the wonder and enthusiasm he throws into every little thing is as miraculous to me as the day he entered the world. Well, almost. It’s hard for a normal day to beat THAT day, but it’s impossible to be anything but joyful around a boy who sees a bag of lentils and a box of macaroni as a fascinating treasure.
  • A lot of the time, I feel like I just talk AT the child. They say that talking to a baby is how they pick up language, but I’ve never been sure how much he understands. I mean, he’s still of an age where he mostly does what HE wants, so it’s not like I get confirmation that my, “little man, please come here. We don’t play with the blinds,” is getting through. Then, one day, I went into his room to get him ready for daycare. I saw that his “lovey” had gotten thrown out of his bed, and as I put him on the floor to run around while I got his clothes together, I said, “uh-oh, Mr. Kitty fell out of your bed! I think he wants to go back in your bed.” LilRunr walked right over to Mr. Kitty, picked him up, and tried to put the lovey back into his crib. WHOA. It looks like he understands quite a bit!
  • Ok, so I’m not completely used to him walking. It’s a little strange to see the BABY roaming at will, moving things around and chasing the cats.
  • He likes to read books to himself, and it is adorable. Sometimes he’ll take a stuffed animal with him, and read out loud to them both. “Boo ma voo da da bo.” “Adorable squeal.” Too cute.
  • We took him for his first hair cut a couple of weeks ago. It was past due. I could tell that he didn’t like the way it tickled his ears, and beside one grandma who feared that he would be accidentally cut and traumatized, everyone agreed that it was “time.” He did remarkably well. He wasn’t scared by the scissors or the snipping, but of course he got bored halfway through and protested at having to sit still. The pictures say it all:

    "So, I get to sit in a car and play with this cape? Mmmm...kay."

    "Someone to pay attention to me? Yayyyyyy!"

    "All I'm bored. Can we leave yet?"


  • There’s one thing that makes me nervous and that’s…CHANGE. Apparently I’m supposed to be weaning the kid from the bottle soon, and I’m not really sure how to go about that. Is there a way to go about it in which I don’t have to deal with screaming/crying/whining? No? We currently offer him a sippy cup (with water) at his solid food meals, and he does know how to drink out of it…he just doesn’t like it. At all. He’s also not very good at chewing “mushy” food. Purees are no problem and he loves just about any cracker or puff under the sun (forget about Cheerios, though…what kind of kid doesn’t like Cheerios? Oh. MINE!), but try to offer him cooked pieces of fruit or veggie and he will put it in his mouth and either immediately spit it back out or gag on it. I’ve chalked that one up as “not quite ready yet,” but part of me worries that I’ve somehow been remiss in my “introduction to solid food” process.
And now, a few more pictures of the very best boy:

"DA!" baby speak for "Look at the excellent display of light and shadow. This would be a perfect photo opportunity, Uncle Matt!"

He's ready for some football!

I have a feeling that those shoes are going to end up thrown to the bottom of the stairs or possibly hidden in a trash can. 🙂


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