Happy Birthday, Little One

I have a post half-written that is filled with so many whines and rants that it seems excessive even by Internet standards. I may post it eventually, because misery can be funny…particularly when EVERYTHING goes haywire all at once in one weekend? week? oh please don’t let it be an entire month! of catastrophe.

There’s the stomach virus that struck me down mere hours after blogging about a “no-puke guarantee.” The forgotten iMac cable that had my sister-in-law and I sharing a power supply between two computers. The broken garage door that trapped us all in the house for a morning. The ear infection and fever that added stress to the already stressful plans for LilRunr’s first birthday party. The utterly, miserably failed cupcakes that I tried to make for the party two hours before the event was supposed to take place, wasting time and tears and flour and eggs before Scott finally took himself to Price Chopper for the easily-acquired, store-bought version. The fact that LilRunr has woken the house up nearly every hour overnight for the past 3 days, making all of us groggy and tired and perhaps just a tad irritable.

I could go on, but like I said — it’s all in that other post…only surrounded by WAAAAAAAY more  “woe is me.”

The caffeine from my morning Mt. Dew is finally adding some clarity, however, because I’ve just realized that I’m not meant to be the focus today. At 7:44am on this day last year, our LilRunr entered this world.

We meet at last.

He kept us waiting 10 extra days past his scheduled arrival, but he was so worth it. He is currently waking me up every 60-90 minutes at night, but he’s so worth it. There’s not one thing this little boy could do to make me love him any less. From the moment he arrived, he’s studied the world with a serious, thoughtful intensity. It should come as no surprise that he walked at 10 1/2 months…he needed to see more for himself! In the past couple of months, we’ve seen his silly and outgoing side emerge. He doesn’t take long to warm up to a room full of people, and in no time all attention is on his precious self.

The next year is probably going to be a challenge, as we leave the “you can’t possibly spoil them” era and enter a world of rules and wills and patience and failed patience, as we try to guide this little man from toddlerhood to childhood.

Oh, I love that sweet boy.

Birthday cupcake. The verdict from LilRunr: Too messy!


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