Family Running Adventure

The best thing about being married to a fellow runner is the UNDERSTANDING. I would imagine that a non-running spouse would respond to my slightly desperate and anxious declaration of “I have to go run” with, at best, perplexed support. “Uh…you just ran yesterday. You HAVE to go run AGAIN? Will you die if you don’t?”  I could also easily imagine a less supportive response from a non-runner. “I’ve been out of town, working 12-hour days all week. Now that I get back, you want to leave me with this rambunctious toddler so you can go RUN? Are you kidding?”

Not my husband. There’s no perplexity, but there’s plenty of support. No sooner than the words, “I have to go run” were out of my mouth than he was planning a family outing to one of the local running trails. Fifteen minutes later, Scott, LilRunr, the jogging stroller, and I were on our way.

I love him.

The plan was for me to run while Scott and LilRunr went for a stroll. When we met up again, we would switch positions and Scott would run while I walked with the little man. We weren’t 100% sure if Scott would be able to run — the saga of his leg injury continues, and unfortunately he’s not quite back to running regularly — but the rest of the plan was solid. I told Scott that I’d run 2 or 3 miles, and he encouraged me to go for 4.

Four it was. I ran two miles out, then turned and headed back for the starting point. As I traced my steps, I wasn’t at all surprised to see Scott and LilRunr RUNNING towards me. I figured it wouldn’t take very long for him to get bored with walking and give running a try, plan be danged. I couldn’t help but smile as my fellas came closer — LilRunr LOVES to be in the jogging stroller, and he especially loves to go faster than walking pace. Take the little guy out for a walk and he’ll lounge back in the stroller, gazing serenely at the environment with his hands relaxed at his sides. Continue the walk for long enough and he’ll eventually fall asleep. Pick up the pace, and the little guy first sits up and then leans forward as if relishing the movement. The breeze blows his always unruly hair this way and that, and he grips the tray in front of him and offers an occasional “da!” or “ba!” of delight.

Scott turned the stroller around, and I proceeded to lead our little family back to the starting point. This made LilRunr especially happy. He likes being able to see one of us in front of him as we run. Every time I turned back to look at him, he was either smiling or giggling, completely enjoying himself. When he caught my eye, he’d either wave or say, “mama!”

It was the best run I’ve had in a long time. 🙂


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