Social Media Failing

There is a certain social media site that is apparently the next great thing. The news repeatedly runs stories that open with, “so, are you on ____? If not, you may be the only one. It’s officially the fastest-growing website in history!” Etcetera, etcetera.

Personally, I don’t much understand the appeal. This website appears to be a way to bookmark with pictures instead of the names of links. It’s obviously incredibly addictive, and if you ask a fan of the site why they love it, they’ll say, “oh, I get so many great ideas.” Yes? AND? Seems to me that I could go to my good friend Google and say, type in, “awesome new chicken recipe” and get some results based on my exact query rather than happenstance.

Despite my confusion and ambivalence towards the site in question, there came a day when I decided the wise course of action was to sign up and claim my standard name, “megarunr.” I am a notoriously late adopter of Internet trends — I didn’t start a blog until 2008, after years of scornfully saying, “an online journal? Who on earth would care to read it? Get a life, people.” Now, of course, I’m hooked. Ditto for Twitter — I started an account a year or so after it was created, even though I thought that “a separate site for Facebook statuses was nuts.” I had the Lesson of the Blog to learn by, and I figured if there came a day when “megarunr” wanted to branch out from WordPress, it’d be best to have a consistent name.

I still don’t think I’m using Twitter correctly, but it gives me a place to post my mileage (when I run) (and it’s not raining) and a place to talk to myself when I’m up late at night and can’t sleep. Such a noble use of a technology.

So, when this new website came out and my reaction was, “are you kidding me? I don’t have hours a day to browse crafts and recipes and whatnot. If I need something, I’ll go to a search engine. Talk about worthless!” deep down I knew that there may come a day when I’d become more accepting. I’m just not hip, folks. Once the rest of the world starts to get over something, I discover it. (Need another example? Exhibit A: Scott and I didn’t start watching “Lost” until Season 6. We watched the Pilot after Scott had surgery, and then ended up watching all 5 seasons on Netflix and the first couple of episodes of Season 6 on Hulu in order to catch up with the rest of the country.) This is just the way I am, so a couple of weeks ago I decided to expand the “megarunr” identity to include one more social media website…just in case.

Almost instantly, I find myself irritated.

Irritation #1: Instead of being able to register, I’m told to “request an invite.” REQUEST AN INVITE? Who do you think you are? Do you think I’m dumb enough to feel like I’ve been asked to join some kind of exclusive club? This is the INTERNET, people!

Whatever. I request an invite, figuring I’ll get one of those robot emails telling me I’m in. Instead, I get:

Irritation #2: An email informing me that I’m on the “waiting list.” WAITING LIST? Yeah, I’m already losing interest.

So then, I let it sit for a day or two, and eventually the confirmation email arrives. I’M IN! I automatically feel better about myself…ok, not really. I feel irritated, because it tells me that I’m going to have to link this new account to either my Facebook or Twitter feed.

Irritation #3: No. Just no. I don’t want to do that. Why would I want to annoy everyone on Facebook with that mess? “Hey friends, Megan just found a cute craft idea! And another, and another, and this recipe, and that hair styling technique…” Also, I don’t really want to give permission to access either account to this third website. Stupid. If you’re that awesome, site in question, you should be able to stand on your own two feet.

I sit for a few more days, conducting an internal debate. To link or not to link…finally, curiosity gets the better of me and I say “FINE. Link to my Facebook.” I’m AT LAST taken to a registration screen, where I type in “megarunr.”

Irritation #4: For the first time EVER, on any website, “megarunr” is already taken by someone else. You’ve got to be kidding me. I have “megarunr” for blog, IM, email, Twitter, WellSphere, and I don’t even know what else. Who decided to suddenly take it over?

Boo. That irritation is the final straw. My slight interest has been crushed into oblivion. I really only wanted to make sure that I reserved the “megarunr” user name…since that’s impossible, I’ll go back to bookmarking things the old fashioned way. Without the pretty pictures.


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