14 Months, 12 Races

14 Months
Our LilRunr is nearly 14 months old. Every day, I must acknowledge that I am mothering a TODDLER rather than a BABY. This young man gains coordination and dexterity daily. He’s fixated on climbing right now, and will attempt to climb and stand on any object–living or not–in the house. The couch, his toys, the bath tub, Scott or I, the cat…he hasn’t yet applied this skill to his sleeping quarters, but it’s only a matter of time until I hear a “thump” in the night and discover the lad out of his crib and raising a ruckus.

He’s still my sweet-tempered boy, and nothing gives him more pleasure than being able to “help” around the house. He enjoys feeling useful and will proudly comply with nearly any request to “please help mommy and…” Yes, I have taken advantage of this useful component of the toddler psyche to convince him to eat a vegetable. “How about some green beans?” (vigorous head shake…NO!) “Can you help mommy and eat some green beans? (nom nom nom)

Sweet-tempered or not, he is easily frustrated when something he wants or wants to do is just out of his reach. Often, the desired item is the iPhone or iPad, which a foolish adult has attempted to “hide” from him but failed to completely remove from view. More frequently, however, there’s something that he wants to DO but isn’t developmentally ready for yet. All in good time, my boy.

This rarely happens in company, leading our families to believe that he is “perfectly behaved” and “always happy,” but he is capable of flinging himself to the ground, screaming, in an attempt to get his way.

Occasional screaming and continued night-waking aside, LilRunr is a delight to be around. His smile and laughter are contagious. Last night, he was taking a bath when Daddy showed him that the foam letters that stick to the bath tub will also stick to him. Oh, boy. It was like a naked baby super hero in the tub, with the letter B stuck to his little belly. He could not get enough.

12 Races
I’m planning my 2nd quarter of racing for the 12×12 plan. First up is the Mother’s Day 5k in Overland Park. This is another of those “girls only” races, so I’m preparing mentally for the sea of pink and tulle and running skirts. (Why run a “girls only” race, you ask? I’m a mom…Mother’s Day…awww…)

For June, I originally planned on running the Hospital Hill 10k. It’s one of those legendary events in Kansas City, and I’ve always wanted to run it. However…I have discovered that the entry fee is slightly steep. $50 for a 10k? Good grief. Is Hospital Hill “legendary” enough to warrant it? Or should I find a less expensive event somewhere else? I haven’t made up my mind yet.

July and August, on the other hand, are easy and inexpensive decisions. I’ll be hitting the “alumni run” circuit again, which means running in Baldwin in July and Pittsburg in August. I’m looking forward to the August race in particular — when I ran last year, I was a bit embarrassed by the result. I think I can really improve my time and maybe even finish a few places higher. I’m not delusional enough to think that I’ll be able to hang with the college girls, but perhaps I’ll be close enough to see them in the distance.


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