Training Log: May 6 – 13

May 6 – 13

Monday – 0 …”Yoga.” Yeah, right.

Tuesday – 4 miles (8:23/mile) …I’m trying to make my default running distance 4 miles instead of 2. We’ll see how that goes. Today, I felt really good.

Wednesday – 0 …I don’t remember why I didn’t run today. I’m sure I had a really good reason. (sarcasm)

Thursday – 0 …My house was dirty and I cleaned it. Yes, really. Every spare second I had for the entire day, I used to scrub the shower, clean toilets, vacuum cat hair, dust, and pick up. It needed to be done, so I guess it was worth it.

Friday – 4 miles (8:19/mile) …I bumped into our friend and sorta neighbor Eric again! It was nice catching up and having someone to run with for the day. I love when the works out.

Saturday – 3 miles (8:25/mile) …Felt TERRIBLE. Simply terrible. I did see a bunch of people playing cricket in a parking lot, which was fun. Scott and I watch cricket tournaments on ESPN3. It’s incredibly entertaining to try to learn a sport just by watching it. I imagine that my interpretation of cricket is far, far off the mark of the actual rules. As I passed, I heard several of the guys yell something in a language that wasn’t English. A block or so later, I figured out what it was…not because my language skills are that extraordinary, but because I ran by a tree that was shielding a dude taking a leak. Whoops.

Sunday – Mother’s Day 5k! The race recap will be coming tomorrow, but I was pleased with how this turned out. 21:47, 13th overall, and 2nd in my age group. (For the actual results, click here.)

TOTAL: 15 miles


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