Training Log: May 14 – 20

May 14 – 20 

Monday – 0

Tuesday – 2 miles (8:55/mile) …Ran the LilRunr to daycare. I find this to be the easiest way to get some training in when Scott is out of town. (He was in Canada for work all last week…something I don’t like to tell the Internet until he’s home. And he’s HOME! Yay, family!) The plan was to drop the stroller back at home and then get another couple of miles in without it, but when I got back to the house I somehow got pulled inside. Mysterious.

Wednesday – 2 miles (8:55/mile) …Ran the little tyke to daycare again. He LOVES this mode of transportation, I love how his hair always sticks straight up on his head once we get there. It’s a very endearing look. Ok, all of his looks are endearing looks. Except maybe the screaming/crying/snot dripping down his face toddler look. That’s…unavoidable, perhaps, but it’s not one of his cuter looks.

Thursday – 0

Friday – 0

Saturday – 3 miles (8:19/mile) …It becomes fairly obvious which runs involve pushing a jogging stroller around. 30 extra seconds per mile obvious, apparently.

Sunday – 4 miles (8:02/mile) …Don’t listen to the GPS on this one. I was running on a nature trail, and I think it was having trouble keeping up with me. It said mile 3 was 7:38, for Pete’s sake. That mile sure didn’t feel like a 7:38. I don’t buy it.

Total: 11 miles


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