Life with a Toddler

Have you ever heard of the “testing their limits” phase (or, more accurately, phases) that toddlers go through as they seek independence and learn how much they can manipulate their environment?

Yeah. We’re there. I still struggle with wanting to JUMP every time the lad chirps, but it is becoming more and more obvious that the “chirping,” or — more accurately — the screaming, the throwing of oneself to the ground, and the occasional crocodile tears are precipitated not by a need that requires meeting but an experiment in parental control.

I am learning patience. I am learning to help him cope with the situations that cause him frustration. I am learning to ignore the theatrics when a simple, “no, you may not take the iPad and throw it on the ground,” is met with a truly impressive display of distress…until, of course, said distress melts into a smile at the sight of one of his beloved “kiii-eees” (kitties) entering the room.

Don’t get me wrong — I love the little boy more than ever. And, roughly 75% of the time, he is the most engaging, delightful, sweet, and silly little boy you’re ever going to meet. This is just a new phase, and it’s best captured by the following pictures, taken within seconds of each other.

He’s a happy boy. Happy, happy, happy boy!

But…Daddy…if I can’t play with your iPhone it will make me so, so, so SAD!


One response

  1. Wait until he hits the “I’ll do it myself/Pick me up and treat me like a little baby phase.” You never know which kid you’ll get – the one who wants to do things like a 4 year old or the one who wants to act like a 4 month old.

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