Training Log: May 21 – 27

May 21 – 27

Monday  – Yoga! Yeah, yoga. I actually pulled off some cross training this week…and was sore for three days afterwards. There’s one good thing about yoga, and it’s that it requires me to make use of some non-running muscles.

Tuesday – 3 miles (8:58/mile) … The 8:58 tells me that I ran with the jogging stroller.

Wednesday – 2 miles (8:51/mile) … Another jogging stroller day. It was WINDY, and LilRunr showed up at daycare with his hair sticking up all over his head.

Thursday – 0

Friday – 0

Saturday – 6 miles (9:04/mile) … I ran with some ladies this morning, Amy (a former teammate) and Catherine (a friend of Amy’s who is training for a triathlon). They agreed to run 4, and I ran 2 by myself for my first run over 4 miles in a long, loooooong time. It was humid, super humid, and hot enough to remind me that June and summer are just around the corner. Even so, my two solo miles averaged 8:15 pace.

Sunday – 0 … This is the day where I got to take a cat to vet ER and then spend 6 hours shampooing the carpet throughout the entire house. Yay, kitty bladder infections. Yay.

TOTAL – 11 miles


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