Training Log: May 28 – June 3

May 28 – June 3

This blog is quickly becoming a mere training log…which is good for the fact that I’m finally, finally blogging about RUNNING on my running blog and bad for entertainment value. Two miles, four miles, hey I actually did some cross training…it is not that stuff that makes a legendary blog. Thanks for hanging in there, and I’ll try to be funny again soon.

Monday  – 3 miles (8:29/mile) …Memorial Day! I ran a little over 3 miles before we went to the State Capitol to spend time with family. A cookout hosted by an army veteran…yup, that’s a pretty American way to spend the holiday, huh? LilRunr decided to show appreciation for his serviceman Grandpa by cleaning his kitchen. Yuppers. My 15-month-old, after watching me scrub cat pee out of the carpet, has taken to cleaning like a champ. When he’s fussy, we just give him a rag and ask him to clean. He’ll go around and wipe the cabinet doors, polish the floor, dust the furniture within reach. IT. IS. AWESOME. And hilarious. And I’m not sure how to keep the trend alive when he gets older…

Tuesday – 0

Wednesday – 2 miles (7:49/mile) …It was incredibly short, but you could ALMOST call this a speed workout. I ran about a half mile at my usual pace (8:20), then ran a mile and a half with my old standby, the “iTunes Fartlek.” Every time the song changed, I’d alternate my pace. Either “oh wow, this is fast and painful” or “don’t slow down too much as you recover,” the time passed quickly.

Thursday – 2 miles (9:07/mile) …Ah, the “ran the child to daycare” run. The kid LOVES this method of transportation. He spent his mile in the stroller pointing out every single robin, sparrow, squirrel, and frog we passed along the way.

Friday – 0

Saturday – 3 miles (8:10/mile) …I was supposed to run with the ladies, but no one was able to make it to our usual meeting spot. I knew that the two most likely suspects were (1) out of town or (2) injured, so I mentioned to Scott before I left that I thought I’d be running alone. “Really?” he says, and the next thing I know he, LilRunr, and the jogging stroller were in the car with me. Hooray! Running with my boys! We kept the mileage down in deference to Scott’s semi-injured (but recovering!) status, and had a good ol’ time. LilRunr helpfully pointed out to us the dog he saw taking a dump. Ah, the things that capture the toddler’s attention. Also, EVERYTHING captures the toddler’s attention.

Sunday – 4 (8:05/mile) …You’re just going to have to take my word for it on this one. I didn’t feel like running with the iPhone, so I took my old-fashioned, non-GPS, non-trackable watch and went around the block. The block, in this case, being a mile on each side. It was a fun run, and only slightly creepy due to swarms of ants covering the sidewalks in places. Hate ants. Really do. At least the KS variety tend not to be the bitey kind, but they’re still disturbing in their swarming, crawly, everywhere-at-once quality.

TOTAL – 14 miles


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