Blog Makeover!

It’s not mine. The blog makeover, that is. What you should do right now is go on over to DeAnna’s blog and tell her how pretty it looks. Right now right now right now. Because it’s a big change for her and she’s excited about it…because it does look quite nice (if I do say so myself)…and because it’s sort of like I get a compliment too, because I had a hand in the redesign.

Win – win – win.

You see, I am a geek. I have just enough web design savvy to be dangerous, which makes the pre-configured, “you can have some options but for the love of Pete stay out of the CSS!” realm of the blog template a perfect playground for me. I recreate MeganRunning about once a year, and this is a minimum time requirement that I take very seriously. I know that most people don’t even see the template, but I don’t want to be changing it every other day. After all, I do have an actual job and an actual life.

Sigh. I mean…good for me!

So, one day not too long after my latest redesign, I started jonesing for a design fix. “No, Megan.” I tell myself. You MAY NOT change your blog again. My brain started looking for a loophole, and it thought it found one in my friend D’s blog. You see, I don’t trust Reader to tell me the EXACT minute that my hilarious friend blogs, so I check her actual site periodically for new posts. This means that I spend a lot of time looking at her template, and it’s pretty basic. She uses a different blogging platform than I do, but it seems like there had to be other options for her to try. I thought I remembered her telling me once that she’d tried to change the colors but wasn’t too happy with the results, so I thought she might be interested in some meddling conducted by a friendly geek.

As it turns out, she was. I created a “faux blog” to start playing with design options. Whenever I got something I thought she’d like, I’d take a screen capture and send it to her. Several dozen emails later, we arrived at a final design. I put it in place yesterday, and voila! The new template is complete.

Of course, this leaves me with nothing to play with. Anyone have a blog template that needs a face lift?




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