This weekend, I enter a new decade. WEIRD. To be honest, it’s mostly just weird that I don’t really care about the day. It’s not “don’t care” as in, “don’t remind me that I’m old, alas!” but mostly “don’t care” in a, “wait, that’s this Sunday? Huh!” kind of way.

Nevertheless, the 3-0 is coming, and it’s coming fast. I had a few informal goals of things I wanted to do before I crossed this threshold:

  1. Find a job I love.
  2. Run a marathon.
  3. Have a baby.

Check, check, and check. Now, in celebration of the start of a new decade (and because I’ve wanted to copy DeAnna’s “30 Things to Do Before I’m 30” list since she first posted about it but knew I wouldn’t have time to work through a similar To Do list in less than three months), I present to you…

30 Things to Do WHILE I’m 30

I know. Original, right? I’ve been working on this list for weeks, and it’s caused me nothing but trouble. I was starting to think, “wow, I’m so boring that I can’t even think of things to do!” but when I explained the dilemma to my mom and asked for some help, she suggested that I was just so satisfied with where my life was that it was difficult to think of ways to make it better.

Nice spin, Ma! And no, I won’t be going skydiving (her suggestion). Scott hates planes enough, I won’t give him a heart attack by jumping out of one.

I’m up to 15 “things” so far, and I hope to finish the list over the next week. Just in time to start checking things off as I begin my journey as a thirty-something.

Happy heat wave, all!


One response

  1. Should have asked for suggestions. I had to have help with my list. Since you didn’t ask for suggestions I’m giving you some any way. What are friends for?

    1. write a book
    2. Something to do with trying new restaurants or trying new recipes
    3. buy an article of clothing that is “too” expensive (it’s your money not mine so of course I can suggest this)
    4. Get cable? đŸ™‚ HA!

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