30 Things

This is it. THE LIST.

30 Things to Do While I’m 30

  1. Go on a fun trip for our 10-year wedding anniversary. Holy moly I’m old! Ideas for the trip include going on a cruise or the Pacific Northwest.
  2. Use the sports massage gift certificate Scott got me for Christmas. CHRISTMAS. That’s 6 months ago. Whoops.
  3. Put trim underneath the kitchen counters. We got new counters when we first moved into the house, and they had to use shims to make them flush with the backsplash. That means there’s a little gap between the counters and the cabinets, and it’s sort of driving me crazy.
  4. Read through the list of “100 Greatest Novels” or some such. Also, don’t start that project with “Ulysses.” Do not make that mistake again. Oof.
  5. Go on a date with Scott at least once per month. “Everyone” says it’s important for couples to keep up their relationship after they have kids, and Scott and I have had exactly 3 outings without the child in tow. We should probably do better about that.
  6. Learn French. Ok. I’m going to revise this to ATTEMPT to learn some French. I’m not going for fluency here, I’d just like to make an effort for my sis-in-law’s, niece’s, and future niece’s/nephew’s sakes.
  7. Get a mani/pedi. I’m not much of a girl. This will be a challenge.
  8. Make a grocery budget. And absolutely, positively STICK TO IT.
  9. Buy an item of clothing that doesn’t come from a department store. Something cute and impractical and too expensive.
  10. Use the “paid community service days” my company provides. It’s a neat benefit, and there’s no reason not to use it. Might as well give back, and whatnot.
  11. Go back to church. We’ve neglected it ever since we had Drake. First he was too little, then we were scared of germs, then we felt bad to put him in daycare for even a couple of hours on the weekend when he was in daycare all week…etc. etc. It’s time to stop with the excuses.
  12. Try at least 12 new restaurants. Oh, how I love my routines. They have a tendency to turn into “ruts,” and then I find myself afraid to step beyond the ol’ standbys because someplace new might fail. Lame.
  13. Go on an overnight trip WITHOUT taking Drake along. Not going to lie, this one frightens me. It’d be good for all of us, though.
  14. Take Drake to his first KU basketball game. 
  15. Take Drake to a zoo. 
  16. Take Drake to a pumpkin patch. 
  17. Take Drake berry-picking.
  18. Take Drake to Shatto farm to meet the cows. 
  19. Sew something. 
  20. See friends AT LEAST twice per month. We moved back to Kansas and talked about how we were going to see people, catch up, blah blah blah…and yet several of my high school/college friends live IN the Kansas City Metro area and we rarely (ok, hardly ever) see any of them. I haven’t even met my maid of honor’s youngest child, and he’s almost a year old! Bad friend, Megan. Bad friend.
  21. Get more followers than people I follow on Twitter. This is going to be tricky, because I’m pretty sure I’m doing Twitter wrong. Pretty sure.
  22. Run fast enough to be a member of the Kansas City Smoke. This means a 21:30 5k, 44:40 10k, or 1:40:00 Half Marathon for their “B” Standard. Hey, goals should be achievable. I’m not silly enough to go after the “elite” or “A” Standards!
  23. Get an age group award for a half marathon. What was that about achievable goals again? Yikes.
  24. Make Drake’s baby album. Oh, man. We’ve strayed from “achievable” to “difficult” to “dang near impossible.”
  25. Play golf at least twice. We have clubs. I like it. It totally needs to happen. Maybe DeAnna wants to come, too. 😉
  26. Cook more meals than we eat in restaurants. Not really sure how I’ll track this one…
  27. Write a book. 
  28. Stain the fence around our backyard. Scott says this is a crazy project and we should hire someone, and for some reason that just makes me want to do it ourselves…
  29. Look for our dream house. Oddly enough, the home next door to the constantly barking dogs and in the general area of a drug bust is not turning out to be the Home Sweet Home we hoped for. It’s a GOOD house, but I believe there might be a better one out there somewhere, and I’m going to look for it. If there’s nothing better, we’ll stay put, but you just never know…
  30. ___________________. There is a goal that goes here, but I’m not ready to even put it in writing yet. I know, that makes it seem like I just ran out of things to add to the list, but I promise you that isn’t the case.

3 responses


    I am willing to help with: 7, 9, 10, 12, 25 and possibly even 18. I might wanna meet those cows. Partly I’m willing to help because most of these align with some of my list and partly because those are the ones that appeal to me (and do not involve running – let’s be honest, I can help you pick out an article of clothing that’s expensive but I can’t help you break into the Smoke).

    Also, if you run out of time/motivation for #28 you can hire someone and still count it as done.

    Nice list. Enjoy your 30th year!

  2. That’s a baller list, sis. Baller indeed. But do you mean to tell me you want to read ALL 100 Books in one year? Holy crap you’re ridiculous. Ok, so that’s not the only one on the list that makes you ridiculous, but that’s the one that seems most difficult to me.

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