The Springs, Part 1: Alumni Run

Hey, guess what! I went on vacation last week. For something like two years, Scott has been saying,

“Let’s go to Colorado.”

“Colorado is awesome, we should take Drake there.”

“I miss running in Colorado. Want to go sometime?”

“When are we going to Colorado?”

After balking at the thought of driving 9 hours with a baby, refusing to go because LilRunr was FINALLY sleeping through the night in his crib and I didn’t want to spoil the routine, and maybe once just saying “no” out of stubbornness…I finally agreed: YES.

Yes, we can take a family vacation.

Yes, we can take the child to Colorado Springs.

And…yes, your mom, sister, and stepdad can come too. Stay in the same house? Sure! Why not?

Um…in retrospect, I may have said “yes” one too many times. I kid, I kid.

Sort of.

We split the drive out to Colorado into two days. One reason for this was because LilRunr’s driving tolerance was untested. Another reason was because my July race — the BHS Alumni Run — was scheduled for 9:00 on the morning of our departure. Even though we’d normally be leaving bright and early for a trip like this, a free race just isn’t something I pass up.

We drove to my hometown, to my childhood home, where Scott and LilRunr stayed to give Grandma time to play with the little guy before we took him out of the state for the week. I headed for the golf course on foot, marveling that the year before I considered myself lucky just to finish the race distance of 2 miles, and now I was doubling that for the sake of getting a workout. Marveling, too, at how running the roads of my hometown takes me back to those early years.

As if on cue, a truck slows beside me, the window rolling down to reveal…my high school coach. He teases me about running a warmup for the alumni run, then cruises on.

Last year, there was a fairly even distribution of “current runners” to “alumni.” This year, most of the old folks apparently decided that it was TOO STINKIN’ HOT and opted to stay home. I was informed that it was up to me to represent the old ladies by beating at least one high school girl, a task that turned out to be pretty easy when the girls decided on the starting line to, “run it really slow. Like, 20 minutes slow. Giggle giggle.” (Note to HS Girls: That is a dangerous attitude to have. Sure, it’s one run in the middle of summer, but slacking is a very contagious condition that will eventually come back to bite you.)

I went out at about 6:45 for the first mile, well ahead of all of the other women and maybe 5th or 6th place for the guys. In the 2nd mile, I could literally feel the sun zapping my energy. Ah, summer. I managed to finish things up without embarrassing myself too much…running 7:28 for Mile 2 and a total time of 14:13.

Hey! I won a (non-official) (non-timed) (not even really a race because it’s called a “run”) race! I’m awesome.

Now…on to the vacation!


2 responses

  1. I think I was 6th or 7th overall…but I was the first girl…and the only girl who treated it like a “race.” No matter. WINNING!

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