The Springs, Part 2: Running

When I left off blogging about our vacation, the trip hadn’t even begun. I’m going to gloss over the initial 9 hours of travel because — who would have thought? — the toddler was a long car ride champ. Sure, we stopped in Colby to spend the night. Sure, I must have read “Farm Friends” and “What?” dozens of times. There was very little screaming, fussiness, or pleas to leave the car from any member of our trio, however, and that was a beautiful thing.

We arrived in Manitou Springs, where we had rented a house just down the street from the Cog Railway. We thought that a house would be a little more toddler-friendly than a hotel — what with more room to spread out and no shared walls to worry about when/if tantrums occurred.

Our home for 7 days.

This house was pretty sweet. It was in a reasonably good location, although being “in the middle of things” with only one road in and out meant occasional traffic jams due to tourist traffic. Given that we were also tourists, however, and contributing to “the problem,” it seems silly to complain about.

There’s one thing I learned rather quickly after arriving in Colorado Springs — this town is made for running/biking. There are trails, bike lanes, and parks EVERYWHERE. Scott and I quickly took advantage. Since he’s still on the “no running” list, Husband rented a mountain bike and we hit the trail…


Running at Red Rock Open Space.

As if navigating narrow trails on a mountain bike wasn’t enough, Scott spent a lot of time taking pictures of me.

It definitely wasn’t like Kansas.

Have I mentioned that the high temperature during our vacation averaged 75 degrees? LOVE IT!


Mountain biker/photographer/etc.

You can’t run Colorado Springs without running at the Garden of the Gods.

Best part about bringing the in-laws on our vacation? Being able to run together every day…and no one had to push the jogging stroller!


Run, run, run…

I ran 5 of the 7 days I was on vacation. It was incredible. The scenery was beautiful, the cooler temperatures were amazing, getting to spend time with my husband is always fun…of course, I did have to get used to the altitude. The first day, I felt tired and out of breath for most of the run — particularly on the hills. After that, however, I quickly adapted to thin air.

While running, that is. It turns out that the altitude had a much more dramatic impact on my — always pathetic — alcohol tolerance…as we all discovered the fateful day that I ordered a margarita…

Post-margarita…oh, Megan.

But we’ll save that for another day…


3 responses

  1. Glad you had fun running in the Springs. Now that you are back in Kansas, I can safely tell you that I literally ran into a Mountain Lion the last time I went running in the Garden of the Gods.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Scott keeps saying that he wants to move to Colorado, and I respond with, “bears.” Now I’ll respond with, “bears AND mountain lions.” Yikes!

    How did you escape? Did you punch it in the nose like you’re supposed to do with sharks? Make a big noise and scare it away? Run like crazy and hope it wasn’t hungry?

  3. Using my immense physical prowess and sheer intimidation, I courageously drove it away.

    Actually, I screamed (easy to do when you are startled by a mountain lion in the path) and it ran away. It was actually sleeping in the middle of the path and was probably thought I was attacking it. After it ran away, I turned and ran as fast as I could in the opposite direction while yelling, praying that my noise would keep it away. When I got to the next parking lot yelling like a madwoman, I got some funny looks.

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