Training Log: July 30 – August 5

July 30 – August 5

Monday – 0

Tuesday – 2 miles (9:15/mile) …ran the child to daycare, also known as the ONLY day all week LilRunr was happy to go to daycare. He’s going through a PHASE right now, probably caused by the time his mama dropped him off at daycare and then disappeared for two days. Ever since my return from DC, the little guy breaks down every time I leave the room. That one time? In the restaurant? When I got up to use the restroom? Yeah…please tell me things like this aren’t going to traumatize him later in life.

Wednesday – 0

Thursday – 0

Friday – 2 miles (8:58/mile) …This is the point where I realized that I really need to start running more. More miles, more consistency, more of all that. Summer has finally managed to zap all the motivation out of me…just in time for my alumni RACE in Pittsburg. Remember that, Megan? When you set a goal of beating one the college girls? Yeah. Now, I have 4 weeks to get myself into decent shape.

Saturday – 2 miles (9:15/mile) …OOOOOOWWWWWW. Running over 9:00 per mile without the stroller? For shame, Megan!

Sunday – 4 miles (8:17/mile) …ok. Temporary freakout over. Running resumed.

TOTAL: 10 miles


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  1. I tell myself if I suffer through awful runs now in the heat + humidity, my times and fitness will finally improve in the fall. Glad to hear I’m not the only one that suffers summer motivation issues. My only goal right now is consistency and I’m not even a fraction of a runner as you 🙂

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