This is Love

The other day, Scott noticed a Cheerio on the floor of the garage. I’m pretty sure it ended up there during a car seat clean out, when I managed to gather up all of its brethren and dispose of them outside…that lone straggler somehow ended up on the garage floor. Maybe? I dunno. It’s possible, but there’s really no accounting for all of the random Cheerios, puffs, toys, and other toddler castoffs hanging around our house.

“Look,” Scott says. “There’s a Cheerio on the floor.”

Then, I explain to him that it’s been there for months, and that at this point I’m curious to see how long it takes to disintegrate, be taken by a hungry ant, or be blown away by the wind. It’s not a mess — no, no. It’s a science experiment.

Scott looks at me. He maybe laughs a little. But he — one of the neatest, most organized people I know — leaves the Cheerio be.

That is love.


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