August Race

An August race finally tracked me down. After spending most of the month whining about the weather, some friends from Scott’s hometown posted a fundraiser 5k on Facebook. It will be a small race, on an uncertified course, with no official timing and much less planning than most of the other races I’ve run, but it’s for a good cause.

Scott’s friend Eric is the head coach of a youth track club in Tulsa. A former collegiate runner himself, Eric is committed to developing a love for the sport and encouraging the next generation of runners. His athletes have participated in AAU, USA, and Footlocker events. I really can’t adequately describe the amount of patience and time and energy that he pours into keeping the club going. It’s simply amazing.

Last year, Eric badly injured his knee and required several surgeries to repair it. The “Get Up from the Fall” 5k is an attempt by his friends and family to benefit him and incorporate the sport he loves most.

If anyone’s interested in joining me, the race is this Saturday at 9:00am and starts at the baseball fields in Carbondale, KS. I believe that registration is $25. Participants will receive a t-shirt.


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