Get Up from the Fall 5k: Recap

Well, I’m back. My most recent “racing” “adventure” took me to my hubby’s hometown. As I explained in an earlier post, the Get Up from the Fall 5k is a fundraiser to help a friend and former teammate of Scott’s with some medical bills.

Here’s the man himself, Eric:

Eric & Eric

I didn’t expect much from this race. I was glad to help our friend, but I figured the odds of me getting hopelessly lost and ending up in the next county were alarmingly (and sadly) good. My sense of direction depends on a long line of other people all blazing the trail in front of me, prominent signage, and possibly even spectators lining the course. Not that I imagined I would ever be leading this (or any) race, but a small event could mean large gaps between runners…and a wrong turn made by me.

So, it was a pleasant surprise to pass signs with arrows and the word “5k” on them as we made our way to the baseball fields in Scott’s hometown…and a complete SHOCK to see a police car waiting and ready to serve as a pacer. Wow. Did not expect that.

The really fun thing is that it was a reunion of sorts for Scott — all kinds of former teammates and even his high school track coach were there.

Scott with his high school track coach.

Oh. And did I mention that it was POURING rain? For the first time in a very great many days, water fell from the sky. In sheets. We lined up in the parking lot, and at the word “Go!” were off. The great thing about this race is that my husband ran beside me every step of the way. I’ve probably mentioned it occasionally, but Scott has been on a roller coaster ride with injury. It’s been a one step forward, two steps back situation, and I can’t even tell you how many times we’ve gotten our hopes up that things will get “back to normal” only to have a setback. Poor Scott. So, getting to run with him last Saturday was a wonderful, wonderful blessing.

The terrible thing about this race is that I could feel the result of my “summer of slacking.” It was uncomfortable to run under 8:00 pace and every step reminded me of the opportunities I wasted. Ah, well. My only option now is to apply a bit more dedication in the future.

Scott and I finished in a 22:30…45 seconds slower than the Mother’s Day 5k in May. It turns out that I was the 1st “woman” to finish, so I won myself a nice little medal. Woot. (There weren’t standard age groups here, but they did separate “youth” from “adult.”)

The Winter Warrior (who we are still able to talk into running races with us…from the Kentucky Derby Marathon in ’09 all the way to a 5k in the rain in ’12) and I were also picked in the raffle. We each won tote bags, and as you can see below, we were pretty excited about it.




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