“30 Things” Update (August)

Hola, folks! I thought I’d track my progress towards the “30 Things” goals month by month. So, August wasn’t exactly a time of great accomplishments. I’m blaming little brother’s wedding, which isn’t exactly fair but WAS exactly last weekend, so I no longer have an excuse to slack. Uh-oh. 😉

30 Things to Do While I’m 30

  1. Go on a fun trip for our 10-year wedding anniversary.
  2. Use the sports massage gift certificate Scott got me for Christmas.  
  3. Put trim underneath the kitchen counters.
  4. Read through the list of “100 Greatest Novels” or some such. Ongoing. I’ve finished “Emma” (UGH) and moved on to “Tom Jones.”
  5. Go on a date with Scott at least once per month. Ongoing. I’m counting a trip to a Royals Game (with Drake in tow) as our date for August. Yes, this one trip is going towards three goals. I think this little project is going to require multitasking.
  6. Learn French.
  7. Get a mani/pedi.
  8. Make a grocery budget.
  9. Buy an item of clothing that doesn’t come from a department store.
  10. Use the “paid community service days” my company provides.
  11. Go back to church. 
  12. Try at least 12 new restaurants. Ongoing. My count is up to 4, although in August we only tried one new place: Dodge City Distillery in Olathe. They have an alcoholic cherry limeade that I support, but the food itself wasn’t that great. It’s your basic bar food, and everything was just way over-seasoned. We won’t be going back. Well. Maybe for the cherry limeade.
  13. Go on an overnight trip WITHOUT taking Drake along.
  14. Take Drake to his first KU basketball game. Yeah…this is probably cheating, but I’m calling the goal “take Drake to an athletic event” and counting our trip to the Royals games as GOAL COMPLETED. The thing is, Allen Fieldhouse ridiculously noisy, and I don’t see the kid tolerating ear protection. So…DONE!
  15. Take Drake to a zoo.
  16. Take Drake to a pumpkin patch.
  17. Take Drake berry-picking.
  18. Take Drake to Shatto farm to meet the cows.
  19. Sew something.
  20. See friends AT LEAST twice per month. Ongoing. In August, we saw our friend Travis and had an Olympics-viewing party. We also (as I’ve mentioned multiple times) went to a Royals game with Travis and his girlfriend, and I had my friend Becky over to eat lunch one Sunday when I finally, FINALLY got to meet her “new” baby. He’s almost 10 months old. I’m a terrible friend.
  21. Get more followers than people I follow on Twitter.
  22. Run fast enough to be a member of the Kansas City Smoke.
  23. Get an age group award for a half marathon.
  24. Make Drake’s baby album.
  25. Play golf at least twice.
  26. Cook more meals than we eat in restaurants.
  27. Write a book.
  28. Stain the fence around our backyard.
  29. Look for our dream house.
  30. ___________________.

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