LilRunr at 18 months

Our little LilRunr is nearly a year and a half old. WOW. He is SO much fun right now.

I’m not sure if it’s his personality or just his age, but he’s capable of doing many things for himself, which limits frustration and while providing unlimited entertainment for us.Running the vacuum, taking off shoes and clothes, learning to handle a spoon, crashing toy cars together while saying “vroom”…there is a world to explore, and little man is enjoying (almost) every minute.

His understanding of language is EXPLODING right now, which means that he can both execute simple commands and communicate with us. The current word list (although it will be out of date as soon as I hit “publish” because the kid is learning new words all the time!) is:

  • Kitty
  • Mama
  • Dada
  • More
  • All done.
  • Book
  • Ball
  • Moo
  • Woof
  • Shoe
  • Sock
  • Brush
  • Fish
  • Quack
  • Please
  • Apple
  • Water
  • Bottle
  • No
  • Yeah
  • Hey
  • Hi
  • Hello
  • Elmo
  • Blue (as in, the dog from Blue’s Clues…we haven’t quite figured out colors yet)
  • Emma (his cousin…so sweet!)
  • Up
  • Walk
  • Down
  • Pa (Imagine the first syllable in “pacifier”…that’s what he means.)
  • Foot
  • Pot (There’s this book with flower pots…when I said “pot” he repeated it.)
  • Truck (There’s this other book with construction equipment…kiddo loves the dump truck and cement truck.)
  • Toot Toot (He makes this noise when he’s playing with his train.)
  • Vroom (What is it with boys and sound effects?)

What’s really fun is that we’re moving beyond words to more complete sentences and/or requests. For example, the other day I was putting his shoes on so he could go to daycare. He shook his head at me, and I explained that he had to wear shoes to daycare. He waved his hand as if to hold off the white shoes I was attempting to put on his feet, and then pointed at the oh-so-bright red and blue Adidas pair. “Elmo shoes,” he told me.

Elmo shoes? So cute! So awesome! He’s not quite ready to say, “I’d like the red and blue shoes please, mama,” but with his limited speaking vocabulary he strung together two words to let me know EXACTLY what he wanted: the brightly colored “Elmo shoes.”

The young man can walk and run and lift one foot off the ground to “jump.” He can climb into and out of his chair, although he’s thankfully not transferring this skill to climbing out of his bed at night. I’m not ready for that battle yet! He can stack blocks and put simple puzzles back together. He loves to color, but after the “crayon on the window” incident we’ve been letting the coloring mostly happen at daycare. We’ve shown him a potty chair and explained what it’s for, but we haven’t actually attempted to use it. I’m going to wait for some sort of cue from him that’s he’s ready. He’s a little young to be making that transition, and I’m in no rush.

We let him “help” around the house. His usual chores are closing doors, throwing trash away, and occasionally dusting. I let him vacuum the floor one day, and you never saw a happier boy.

He’s got a definitely silly streak, and he loves to find ways to make us laugh.

We are going through a phase where he expresses his frustration by hitting things…usually his mama. I don’t care for this one bit, and every time it happens I hold his hands and say, “no sir, we do not hit.” If I can see it coming, I’ll try to distract or redirect him before he can hit.

I’m a lazy mother. Distraction is my best friend.

At the top of his “favorite” things list are those old favs, books and cats. I read Dr. Seuss’s “The Foot Book” at least 6 times a day. Kiddo has it memorized, and knows that the yellow page says “more and more” and will start signing/saying, “more, more, more” when we get there. Guys, I think he might be a genius.

As for cats, in his little world they now mostly live under the couch. Cally has continued to be extremely shy and timid even though she’s now the only cat in the house. When there’s more than one person in the house, she tends to hide under a piece of furniture. LilRunr is attempting to win her affection by bribing her with treats. It just might work…eventually.

That’s my boy. And this is my boy, too:

Hangin’ with his little cousin.

All ready to go go “school” with his big boy hair cut. 🙂

The young man and I at my brother’s wedding. Love his big blue eyes.


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