LilRunr has recently discovered a new word. While he has been shaking his head and nodding to indicate agreement or its opposite for months now, it’s only been for the past two weeks that he has been verbalizing the word NO. I can even tell you that this particular word was first said on September 8. How do I know that? While at the PSU Alumni Race, a friend asked me if LilRunr was saying “no” a lot. “Not yet,” I told her. “And actually, he’s a very agreeable boy. 

Genius move, Megan. THAT VERY DAY, the “no” started. It is now the word I hear most often from the boy. Truthfully, if he used the “magic no” judiciously and only when he actually meant it, we wouldn’t have a problem. Being a toddler, however, means experimenting with cause and effect…and saying NO just for the pure joy and feeling of power it provides. 

For example: 

LilRunr: “wawa.” 

Responsive Mama: “You want some water to drink, LilRunr?”

LilRunr: “No. No no no no no no no no no.”

Patient Mama: “Ok. I’ll put the sippy cup away then.” 

LilRunr: “NOOOOOOOOOO! Wawa. More. Wawa.” (makes the sign for drinking)

Trying to Maintain Patience Mama: “You want more water. To drink. Here is your cup, little dude.”

LilRunr: “No no no no no no.” (runs away)

Reverse Psychology is Awesome Mama: “Ok, fella. You don’t have to drink water. I will leave your cup here on the floor.” (walks away)

And then, this child of many no’s will race into the room the moment my back is turned and chug water like the thirsty, stubborn child he is. 

Scott likes it when LilRunr says “no” and then immediately regrets it. For example: 

LilRunr: (whining about nothing in particular because he’s hungry but doesn’t want to admit it)

Mama: “Let’s have a snack, fella.”

LilRunr: “No.” 

Mama: “I think you’re hungry, kiddo. Sit in your chair and I’ll get you a snack.”

LilRunr: (while sitting in high chair) “No no no no no no no no no (to infinity)…”

Mama: “I bet I know something you’ll like…how about some pears?”

LilRunr: “No no no no no no nooooooo (I show him the fruit cup with oh so delicious pears inside)……….ummmmmmmm……….yeah yeah yeah yeah!”

Mama: “Thought so.” (Scott laughs)

Incidentally, over the weekend I ran into a few non-toddler-related no’s. We ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant on Friday, and afterwards took a walk to the cupcake store next door. This is the main draw of Mi Ranchito for me, and I pretty much always end up with a cupcake to take home. This Friday, instead of being greeted by peanut butter frosting and other wonderful things, we ran into a sign that said, “Sold out. Come back Saturday! 🙂 ” Sold out? Come back Saturday? SMILEY FACE? Dang it! 

I still haven’t gotten a cupcake. 

Then, Scott noticed that my “26.2 miles: what could possibly go wrong” magnet was missing from my car. Had I taken it off? Heck no I hadn’t taken it off! That thing took me a good long time and a WHOLE lotta effort to earn. It was going to stay on my car forever! And now it’s gone? 

No cupcake? No magnet? To quote my toddler…

“no no no no no no no!”




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