Running for Candy…or, Halloween 2012

I think we’re one more year away from LilRunr being REALLY into Halloween. Last year, he was just a little baby who considered a walk outside with mom and dad to be quite the treat. This year, he was a little toddler who didn’t understand why we kept going to people’s houses but staying outside. He turned bashful, then insisted on being carried.

This is probably also the last year that we’ll be in charge of picking LilRunr’s costume. He’s developing more and more opinions every single day, so I can only imagine how another 12 months will nurture the young man’s will and sense of self. That’s next year, though. This year, our LilRunr was…a little runner!

Happy Halloween! The tiny punkin is mine!

Even better, he was a little gold medalist!

The gold medalist, complete with American flag and adoring fan.

Even, even better…his parents happened to have USA T&F shirts, and we went in “costume” with our little guy.

Our family.

I just love our LilRunr

Now, I’ve always disliked those parents who live vicariously through their children…pushing their kiddos into activities based on the parent’s own interests or unachieved dreams, rather than what the children themselves want to do. I suppose it’s time for some self-analysis: are we, two runners, pushing a little too hard to instill the love of running in our little one?

  1. We named him after a track meet.
  2. We bought this shirt (in size 2T) when the young man was four months old…we saw it, loved it, had to have it, and were perfectly happy to wait until he grew into it.
  3. There’s also this shirt, which we bought in July for him to wear during the Olympics.
  4. Now, he’s receiving running and/or Olympic-related clothing as gifts. It’s catching on!
  5. And…this brings us to Halloween 2012.

So…are we crazy? I’d like to think not. Do I really think the boy is going to win a gold medal one day? I suppose anything is possible, but no, it’s not likely. Will I force the child to run? To be honest, I’d love it if he ran track and cross country one day. I may even introduce him to summer track as a little boy. But no, I would never, ever force the child to run. If it’s not for him, it’s not for him.

Since running is a part of our lives, however, I don’t think it’s too much to hope that one day it will also be part of his. 🙂


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