Training Log: November 5-11

Week 1 of training is in the books. I’m pretty pleased with myself…I ran 4 days out of the week, as scheduled. I did a speed workout, (almost) as scheduled. I even ran in the cold, cold rain on Sunday, when all I really wanted to do was stay warm and cozy in the house and read books to my toddler.

November 5-11

Monday – 0

Tuesday – 3 miles (8:16/mile) …Running! On a weekday! Will wonders never cease. This is the magic of a training plan and a long(ish) race the requires consistent running.

Wednesday – 0

Thursday – 0

Friday – 3 miles (7:55/mile) …3 mile fartlek. This is where I messed up the training plan a TAD. The training plan said “30 minute” fartlek, which would have been closer to 4 miles, but my brain just remembered the “3” and ran 3 miles instead. Oops.

Saturday – 4 miles (8:17/mile) …It was HOT and windy today. The weather was gearing up for a very big change, and this was the day before the cold front moved through.

Sunday – 3 miles (8:20/mile) …Hello, winter! I thought I might be able to sneak in a run before things got cold, but I woke up too late. It was windy, rainy, and the temperatures were in the 40’s and dropping. Brr! Good news — I got to wear my new running sleeves for the very first time. Sweet.

TOTAL: 13 miles 


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