Training Log: November 12-25

Ok, time for catching up. Weeks 2 and 3 have flown by…helped along by a vacation back to Greenville, SC last week.

Training — Week 2
November 12-18

Monday – 0 …ok, I’m not proud of this, but the days leading up to our week away from home were filled with everything NOT running.

Tuesday – 0 …OMG! So much work to do! I have to get the ABC Document to my boss before we leave…OR ELSE!

Wednesday – 0 …Oh noooos! The document still isn’t done. Type faster, woman!

Thursday – 2 miles (8:17/mile) …This is the day where I made myself run just to be sure that I didn’t go 7 consecutive days without running, then jump into a 5k on Sunday.

Friday – 0 …Packing! Driving! Not running!

Saturday – 0 …still driving! South Carolina is a long, long way away.

Sunday – 5k! (21:53) …21st overall, 4th female finisher.

TOTAL: 5 miles 

Training — Week 3
November 19-25

Monday – 3.5 miles (9:10/mile) …This is the day when I started complaining to Scott about how apparently I’m just slow in Greenville. He reminded me that I had driven across the country and run a 5k in the not-so-distant past, and to give myself a break. He’s so right. Also, I got to run in Cleveland Park again (I’ve missed it!) and for the first time ever with Scott on the mountain bike beside me, pulling our adorable toddler in the bike trailer.

Tuesday – 0

Wednesday – 3.6 miles (8:35/mile) …Cleveland Park again, and this time my pace miraculously dropped 30 seconds per mile. Right back to normal. Good call, Scott.

Thursday – 8k! (37:15) …99th overall, 5th in age group. Why two races in one week, you ask? To make up for March, when I didn’t race all, I ran two “turkey trots” to bring my racing total for the year up to 11. Whew. One more to go.

Friday – 0 …on the road again. This time, it was the trip back to Kansas…all 14.5 hours of it. And in what has to be a toddler road trip record, we made it ALL THE WAY HOME in one day. Wowee!

Saturday – 0

Sunday – 4 miles (8:13/mile) …back in Kansas, and back on the road. From the looks of things, it will soon be winter.

TOTAL: 16 miles 


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