The Super Fantastic and Awesome Running SWAG Christmas Giveaway!

A few days ago on Twitter, I mentioned that I had an exciting announcement to post after the Candy Cane 5k. I appreciate everyone’s restraint in not immediately leaping to the conclusion that I’m pregnant (I am not). Now that I’m mothering an almost two-year-old, the natural question everyone seems to ask (or want to ask) is when we will be re-procreating.

So, to recap — not pregnant, thank you.

Has anyone noticed that I’ve been running quite a few races this year? Twelve of them, to be precise. This means that I have acquired an impressive array of swag, not all of it particularly useful or desirable to me. As I watched it accumulate, it hit me — I bet a newbie runner would LOVE this!

I think that, when you start running, getting a “free” t-shirt or sport bag with your entry fee seems like an amazing perk. “Wow! You mean, this is mine? Just for showing up? That’s awesome!” The more races you do, the more jaded you become. It’s easy to start criticizing the t-shirt design, make, or fit…or simply stop to consider the number of race shirts in your closet compared to the number of shirts you actually wear.

Just for fun, I thought I’d offer up my extra racing gear to someone who might actually use it. That is, I’m offering a giveaway to ANYONE. All you need to do is comment on this post, and you will be entered in a random drawing that will take place on January 1.

Here’s a look at the loot:

Cat not included.

Are you getting excited yet? Yes, the giveaway is “things I didn’t want,” but that doesn’t mean it’s “a bunch of ugly junk.” Some of these things are pretty neat! There are many races from the year represented as well.

Topeka to Auburn Half Marathon: 

Yes, they are socks. WITH RUNNERS ON THEM. Ooh, boy.

Yes, they are socks. WITH RUNNERS ON THEM. Ooh, boy.

Love2Run 4-miler:

Shirt (size “small,” but it is too small for me and I am 5’2″)

Trolley Run 4-miler:

Shirt (Youth Medium) and token for a free dip at Lew's Bar at 75th and Wornall. They may not honor it, but there's no expiration date!

Shirt (Youth Medium) and token for a free dip at Lew’s Bar at 75th and Wornall. They may not honor it, but there’s no expiration date!

Mother’s Day 5k:


Sport bag (with a place to store your MP3 player and a headphone port, kind of neat), Necklace, and Tiara.

Tri Yoga 5k:

Yoga Mat and Tote Bag

Yoga Mat and Tote Bag (this race wins the award for giving something for nothing…it was completely free to register!)

Turkey Trot 5k:

Shirt (Small) has a turkey on it?

Shirt (Small) …it has a turkey on it?

Turkey Day 8k:

Yes, I know. This is lame. But it can be yours!

Yes, I know. This is lame. But it can be yours!

Exciting stuff, huh? So, if you OR ANYONE YOU KNOW would like all of these wonderful things, leave a comment on this post between now and December 31. I am quite serious about shipping the whole lot (including the yoga mat) to one lucky winner. Yeeeeeeeeehaw!


8 responses

  1. Well heck, I’m surprised DeAnna told me about this…cuz now I can totally steal the winning yoga mat from her! Did you like the Topeka to Auburn halfy? I’m contemplating running it next month just as motivation to run through the winter.

  2. $65? Holy moly. That almost makes me want to keep it, but I already have one yoga mat I don’t use. 🙂

    Amy — I did enjoy the Topeka to Auburn half. It’s a point-to-point course, which is different and fun. There’s some pretty scenery, too. It is VERY (very, very, very) hilly, so prepare yourself mentally for that, and probably for a healthy dose of cold weather, too. There are some posts from last January to give you more details.

  3. Please count me in! I took up running earlier this year and really like it so far. There’s something very exciting about having the freedom to change direction, to go faster or slower, to think out loud…running is so much more than a workout for me. Thanks for the generous giveaway! Hope to win the Turkey Trot long sleeve tee, love the color.

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