There’s No Need to Panic…Alternate Title, THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME TO PANIC!

On Sunday, I ran 10 miles. The Mill Creek Streamway Trail and I are getting to be good friends. Unlike our first meeting, however, yesterday the trail and I had some company. You see, after I tried and failed to join an “established” track club, I’m back to using Facebook to coax any of the dozen or so former teammates/rivals in the immediate area out for a run.

I have attempted this before. As mentioned previously, past attempts at social exercise have ended with me running solo through Corporate Woods…or, somewhat creepily, crashing the more successful group runs of random strangers.

Maybe I just don’t learn from past mistakes. Whatever the case, I’m giving the group run idea another try, and this weekend I actually pulled it off. For the first 5 miles of my 10-mile run, I had some pals to run and chat with. Glorious!

That’s not really part of the story, but it WAS fun. The second half of the run was fun, too. I almost stopped at 9.4 miles, which happened to be when I ended up at the car, but in a moment of Running Happiness and Dedication, opted to go past the car in order to make it 10 miles exactly. Ten miles! Yup, I think I can handle the race. I was feeling pretty good about myself.

This good feeling lasted approximately 10 minutes post-run…….which is exactly how long it took me to drive home, tell Scott and Drake that it was a COLD but fun run, and head to the bathroom.

Ok, guys. In order to continue with this story, I’m going to have to enter TMI Land. I apologize in advance, and consider yourself warned. I’ve debated over whether I should even blog this saga, but it might be helpful to someone else so I’m going for it.


I started peeing blood, y’all. It was a frightening moment…scared the freakishly colored pee right out of me. I’m not talking, tinged pink to indicate the onset of an (ugh) UTI. I’m not talking, sort of orangeish, because that’s the color that yellow and red make when they’re combined together. The toilet bowl looked like a disaster…a red hot mess.

This has never happened to me before, and two things kept me from completely freaking out. (1) There was no pain associated with this anomaly, and (2) I seemed to remember reading something somewhere at some point that this could happen to runners.

I checked the Internet, and the Internet was all, “it’s OK, Megan. This  does happen to distance runners quite a bit, and it will probably be gone in a day. There’s no need to panic.

Ok, cool. If the Internet tells you not to panic, you shouldn’t panic. Normally, the Internet tells you all the scary things first and  I’ve been pretty much banned from Web MD…ok, still reading…

“Of course, if it’s not just the random running occurrence and there are no other symptoms, it’s probable that your kidneys are spontaneously failing and it’s really too late to do anything for you. Sorry, Megan.”

THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME TO PANIC! This isn’t good, this isn’t good. This could be really, really, really bad. Or nothing at all…or really, really, really bad.

It’s nothing. I was feeling slightly wonky through yesterday, so I succumbed to the panic and went to the doctor. The pee test revealed perfectly functioning kidneys and no other indicators of VERY BAD THINGS. The doctor described my pee as “perfect” (yikes) and wanted to know if I had been eating a lot of beets. LOL.

So, the moral of the story is this: even if you’ve been running for 20 years, completed 1 marathon and several rounds of marathon training…a batch of red pee can still crop up unexpectedly to scare the living daylights out of you. It’s not necessarily a reason to panic. Especially if you run. Or eat beets.


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