The Hill Workout

As a person with hardly any fast-twitch muscle fibers and who has never, ever been able to pull off a finishing kick, I always used to love cross country. The hills were a great equalizer between someone like me (lots of endurance, no speed) and the middle distance runners who consistently outkicked me on the track. 

It is a documented fact: I like hills, hills are good

This weekend, we learned that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It happened to be 60 degrees on Saturday, so the entire family went to Corporate Woods for a bike/run. It was a lot of fun…aside from the possibly homeless woman who barked at us to “share the road, ever heard of it?” even though we were running/biking single file and on the far right side of the trail, sharing as much of the road as we could. Odd.

Anyway. When we got done, I was trying to hustle the child into the car while he was determined to pick up and examine every stick and leaf within a 100m radius. Scott joined us after loading the bike and kid trailer back in the car, asking, “are we in a hurry?” I said no, a little sheepishly, and Scott took off towards a short but quite steep hill close by, calling, “hey LilRunr, wanna run up a hill?”

It’s not a question that many adults would find intriguing, but the husband knows the toddler, so before I knew it the two of them were charging up the hill. LilRunr was giggling…and struggling. The hill was STEEP, so his “charging” was mostly walking, and there was one point when it seemed like he might tumble backwards and down the hill. He made it to the top, shouted “hooray,” and then ran back down the hill with his daddy providing a steadying hand to keep the boy on his feet. 

You know that feeling of exhilaration you get when you race down a really steep hill? Well, imagine that through a toddler’s eyes. Exhilaration x100. The little guy giggled and grinned as he careened down the hill at breakneck speeds (from his point of view). As soon as we reached the bottom, he was asking for more. 

He ended up running 8 hill repeats. It was awesome for all of us…the toddler had a blast, the runner parents were thrilled. 🙂


Up, up, up the hill!


His face says it all. Kids are easy to entertain.


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