Boo, Pink

I do not like the color pink. It is a preference that borders on crazy, and I should probably be thankful that I have a son, because if I had a girl I would have gone to ridiculous efforts to keep her from wearing/seeing/drowning in a sea of pink. I would have asked people NOT to buy her pink clothes, which of course would have had no effect. So then, I would have taken the clothing that ignored my directive back to the store, and that would have led to some awkward conversations. “Hey, where is that cute, frilly pink dress I got your daughter?” Oh…about that. Took it back and got this sweet leggings and onesie outfit. In red. Or orange. Or green. Or ANY OTHER COLOR BESIDES PINK!

It’s crazy town. I know. I know I know I know. Be that as it may, this whole “fluorescent colors are rad” trend is making it difficult for me to buy running shoes. I went into a local running store earlier this week, and the “women’s” wall was awash in pink. Hot pink. Magenta. Pink, pink, pink. I tried on a pair of shoes that were actually quite comfortable AND on sale, but I left them behind. Because of the color. Which is ironic, really, because picking things based on color is a stereotypically “girly” trait, so if I’m going to be girly anyway I might as well just BUY THE PINK SHOES AND GET OVER MY CRAZINESS. 

But I can’t. AND I WON’T. On principle. Which means I won’t be running this weekend, which might be just as well because my “test jogs” in the new shoes a couple of days ago made my ankle sing an angry song in all caps. I hear ya, ankle. You’ve earned yourself a few more days of rest…

…or however long it takes me to find some non-pink shoes. 


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  1. I, too, am not a fan of pink. Pastel, neon….NO. Also terrified of having a girl one day and all things Pepto-bismol covered. I’ve done pretty good avoiding it as an adult. I was browsing new workout shoes this past weekend and was blinded by the neon as well. The only time I think that looks cool is on sprinters wearing spikes. Sisters against pink, we stand together!

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