This is the time of year where I always struggle to stay motivated. It is the time when, after a glorious winter of running in the cold and loving it, I suddenly feel completely and thoroughly sick of the whole deal and want spring. Immediately. Any continued cold weather (and this is March in Kansas, so of course the outside temp is erratic) is seen as a personal attack, and one that I do not have to simply stand by and tough out the way I have the rest of the winter. 

So I pout. Like a child. It ain’t pretty, folks, but it happens pretty much every year. 

And then, about this time every year, I realize that it’s probably THE LAST WEEK with temperatures below 40 degrees. Then, I get nostalgic. “Oh, yeah!” I think. “I actually PREFER to run in the cold. Shoot. How do I always forget this? I’d better get out there before it starts getting…summery. Ew.”

And then I go out and RUN, racing the spring. It may be 70 degrees on Friday, so it’s likely to be a short race. 🙂


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