Crazy Running Plan for the Purposes of Motivation, 2013 Version

I’ve got to hand it to Scott. Every time I get a little “meh” about running, every time my motivation takes a serious hit and I find myself “resting” more days than running…Scott comes up with a plan that gets me back out there. 

It all began back in 2008, after my 3-year hiatus for graduate school (and subsequent 25-pound weight gain, ouch). Since then, it’s been one crazy plan after another: 

2008 – Greenville Track Club racing series 
2009 – Marathon Attempt #1
2010 – Marathon Attempt #2, Marathon Success
2011 – no crazy running plan, just trying to get back into shape after LilRunr’s birth
2012 – 12×12 (12 races in 12 months in 2012)

I’ve been a bit of a slug since the Caladesi Island race. It was reaching the point where I’d only run 2 miles at a time, and those 2 miles were starting to require enough effort to scream at me, “YOU’RE GETTING OUT OF SHAPE, DUMMY.” Then, I started to think, “meh, it’s hard to find time to run, it’s about to get all hot and humid outside anyway, is there any point in running?  Anymore? Ever?” 

Scott knows me pretty well, and he was picking up on the aura of sluggishness surrounding me. At the height of the motivational crisis, he says, “just act like you’re at Pitt State again.” 

I stare at him. “What? Run two-a-days and 70 miles a week?” How could that possibly help? I’ll be hurt in a week, and I definitely don’t have the time to make running my job again. 

“You should run every day until our trip to Oregon. That way, you’ll feel good about being in Eugene.” Ok, that’s actually intriguing. We’re going to the Prefontaine Classic in June (I haven’t blogged about it yet, but I’m really, really, really excited), and I obviously want to be able to run while we’re in Eugene. The better shape I’m in, the better it will be. I haven’t run 7 days a week since college, and it’s an interesting and easily measured challenge. 

Hmm…let me think…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Crazy running plan, commence!

I’ve run 4 days in a row so far, and I’m already enjoying the change. 2 + 4 + 3 + 4 = 11 miles, which is more in 4 days than I’ve run in any one week (or possibly even 2…how depressing) since January. My legs are a little tired, but I can already feel my conditioning improving. Whenever this happens, and I can once again feel that “running strength,” I wonder why I ever let myself forget it. 

If I ever do again, I’m confident that my wonderful husband will find a way to remind me how much I love it. 



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