About Me

I’m a Kansas girl married to an awesome guy and fellow runner. We are the proud parents of two sweet and rambunctious little boys.

I started running when I was 10, raced competitively through college, and ever since have been looking for ways to keep running as part of my life. This has ranged from taking part in the Greenville Track Club running series (2008) to running a marathon (2010) to the self-imposed Race Once a Month Challenge (2012).

Activity on this blog has ebbed and flowed along with my training. I hope to resume running again this summer, so hopefully the writing will pick accrue along with the miles.

Thanks for reading!

Some favorite posts: 


8 responses

  1. Hey — enjoyed your blog. You’re a talented writer. I, too, ran the half marathon today and was truly shocked that I bonked as bad in this half marathon as I did in a full marathon just a few months ago. Note to self: reasonable pace is important.

  2. Thanks, Ben! Congrats on finishing both the whole and the half marathon. I’m not sure if there’s a way to do these long distance numbers WITHOUT a bonk. Guess I’ll need to try a few more before I know for sure. 😀

  3. Hey Megan – enjoyed checking out your blog. I am very new to the Greenville area and want to getinvolved with a running group. Do you mind pointing me in the right direction? Feel free to email me at [addressed removed for privacy].

    Thank you!

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